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Welcome! You can download my two latest ´wisdom comedy´ fictional books for free on this site:
"HanuHanu Speaks (The HanuHanu Gita) - The Renowned Giant Orange Monkey´s United-Nations-Sponsored Lecture Series" (English only)

and "Parallel Plandemics - Short Stories from the Annals of Parallel Earths".
(English & Spanish)

You can also download my latest non-fiction book for free:
"The Soul Tribes Booklet  - a resource you might find useful if you´re interested in co-creating a new culture

that´s decentralised, co-operative, conscious, and rooted in nature"
(English & Spanish)





As the Dominant Culture (in other words, the bulk of humanity) walks straight into a technocratic, transhumanist, global digital prison - my own contribution is to SHOUT ABOUT forming ´Conscious Tribes´ : groups of 10 - 20 people - united spiritually, united emotionally, and united in their action (in walking the path of lessening dependence on the disassociated and destructive Dominant Culture).

I see these Tribes as fundamental to the creation of the alternative, decentralised, community-based, nature-based culture so many of us envision.


I believe we need to form modern-day Tribes that address three levels:

- our 'belonging', our Oneness (the spiritual/existential level)

- the care of our own and each other's tender hearts (the psycho-emotional level)

- learning to survive and thrive without depending on a central government (the physical level)

Why three levels? Because then we EMBODY the depth and beauty and creativity of the alternative culture we seek to co-create.

At the moment I am using these Telegram Channels as the hub of my activism. Everything is free - The Soul Tribes Booklet, the Notice Board, the Online Courses, the monthly Video-Conference Calls, and support for setting up a Soul Tribe in your local area... Please do visit them, and share them: (English) 
co-creating alternative local community (Español)

co-creando comunidad local alternativa

And now for something completely different... 
The Renowned Giant Orange Monkey´s 
United-Nations-Sponsored Lecture Series"

Narrated by ´Blind Cupid´ (himself a Giant Orange Monkey) 
and published with the kind and generous help of the U.N.C.I.C.
(The United Nations Committee for Interspecies Collaboration) 



"Blind Cupid´s words are as relevant for Dogs as they are for Human Beings.
I would recommend this book to any Dog who still considers themselves a pet."

´Xueyou´, Golden Retriever, Shanghai, China,
Elder of the Alliance for the Dignity of All Creatures.

"Wop, Bang, Wallop; man! This book rocks!
Get with it, Human Creatures!"

His Excellency, Mr Mahatma Mandela-King, United Nations Secretary General,
Burning Man City, Nevada Desert, USA.

"The HanuHanu Lecture Series was pivotal and catalytic for so many of us. For me - most certainly! But how was it for the Giant Orange Monkeys? In this fabulous rendering of the HanuHanu Lectures, Blind Cupid takes us ´behind the scenes´ - laughing-and-dancing-us through the Giant Orange Monkeys´ World of Oneness with All Creatures - thus, naturally, inviting us to imagine what-it-might-be-like for US to live Our pleasures-and-pains as Human Creatures - within the Family of All Creatures."

His Holiness The Pope, Supreme Pontiff, Bishop of Rome, Italy.
(After his much-publicised Apotheosis - during which he went on a-multi-zillion-Lira Bestowing Spree - signing-away Cathedrals, Monasteries, even
the Vatican - and after which, he went to live in the suburbs on the outskirts of Milan, in indistinguishability.
There he looked for a job, but it wasn´t easy - due to the singularity of his Employment History, and the relevance of his Character References -
however, eventually, he got a job in a motorcycle factory.)




"There are smells that make my sap go flat-in-the-night. There are smells my trunk would twist-for! The smell of Human Industry makes me want to run! In HanuHanu´s Lectures I smell something so-delicate, yet torrential and exhilarating; in Blind Cupid´s notes and anecdotes I smell something magical, sparkling with possibilities - like Elves up-to-mischief in the Moonlight! "

Michelle Kandoogo, Birch, Essex, England

HanuHanu A4 ebook.png
HanuHanu A4 ebook.png
HanuHanu A4 ebook.png

I consider The HanuHanu Gita my Magnum Opus!
I consider it the foundation of everything I think and do!
It has its own website where, as well as in the formats above, 
you can download it as an .azw3 ebook,
or buy it as a paperback at cost of print, package and post.
Please do visit the HanuHanu website...

Next comes...
"PARALLEL PLANDEMICS - Short Stories from the Annals of Parallel Earths".
A collection of satirical stories that I see as a bridge
between the profound foundation of The HanuHanu Gita 
and the community activism of Soul Tribes.



¨Bill and I had such a laugh reading The Stinky FauciGates Creature Story.

What an imagination!¨

Anthony Fauci,

Director of the Harry Potter Institute for Fabulous Diseases.


¨The story I most enjoyed was The Cull of the Uninjected.

Truly inspirational!¨

Klaus Schwab,

Executive Chairman, World Demonic Forum


¨Awesome! I loved the story about The War On Connection!¨

Words reportedly spoken by the life-size model of Mark Zuckerberg

at Madame Tussauds wax museum.



Which brings us full circle - back to my community activism - with

We can have deep ideas, beautiful intentions - yes.... and... (as they say): 
the rubber hits the road when we act....


a resource you might find useful

if you´re interested in co-creating a new culture that´s

decentralised, co-operative, conscious, and rooted in nature.





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