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The Meditation At The Heart Of The Conscious Tribe

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A Guided Meditation that is also a Personal Sharing. Each member of a Conscious Tribe accepts that they live within their Own, Unique Experience. None of them, therefore, claims to know the objective truth about anything. And all of them, therefore, are learing to relate humbly, respectfully and lovingy with each other – in an atmosphere of total equality. The word “learning” in the previous paragraph is important. Because as a Conscious Tribe we are all aware that, although we understand theortically that each of us lives within their own, unique expeience of any given moment – we are often not “in the moment”, we are often out-of-ourselves, caught up in mental meanderings, emotional blockages, and habitual absence and avoidance. We

therefore agree, as a Tribe, to support each other in becoming present-to our Unique Experience, and in relating-from our Unique Experience. Although some of us might be into Sufism, others into Tai Chi, others into Goddess Worship, and so on – the one practice we all share is the practice of Conscious Relating, which supports us on our shared journey of learning to live-in and relate-from our Unique Experience. The practice of Conscious Relating is divided into three parts: 1. practicing self-awareness as a Unique Individual who is nevertheless a Part of The Great Mystery 2. practicing awareness of both self and other as Unique Parts of, or Expressions of, The Great Mystery. 3. practicing relating to each other as Unique Expressions of The Great Mystery. The first part is foundational – because I will only be able to meet you as another, undefineable Expression of The Great Mystery (in the second part of the practice) to the extent that I experience myself as a Unique Expression of The Great Mystery (in the first part). But this first part can also be practiced separately, alone. (The practice of Conscious Relating is always with one or more others.) It can be practiced as a private, personal meditation. And the essence of it is this: You alternate (a) breathing in though the heart and then exhaing out, downwards, into the Earth with (b) breathing in through the heart and then exhaling out, upwards, into the Space that surrounds us. The felt-sense we nurture as we breath downwards is of our Unique Individuality. The felt-sense we nurture as we breath upwards is of our Belonging. As we continue to breath in this way - returning our attention continuously (as with any meditation) from distractions to our actual breathing – these two felt-senses become one, and we experience ourselves as both Unique and Belonging – as Unique Expressions of The Great Mystery. (It´s also possible to stop from time to time during one´s busy day, and breath in this way – and return to self awareness. Some people like to use the alarm on their mobile/cell phone to remind them to stop!) There are, of course, endless possible textures within this meditation – and in the recording I am going to share with you, you´ll feel the textures that I, personally, have entered at this stage of my journey. As I have practiced returning to my Own Unique Experience of the Moment – my physical, emotional, mental and energetic/spiritual/existential experience of the moment – I have noticed, over the years, that the world around me has become less definable, more mysterious, more sacred – and that I too, and everyone else, and every living creature, have also become less definable, more of a mystery, and more sacred! I feel this is reflected in the recording. Something else that I feel is also relfected in the recording is my sense that Everything is Alive – that each Unique Expression of the Great Mystery is alive, and can feel and be-felt – and that The Great Mystery Itself is alive, and can feel, and be-felt. The other aspect of this recording that stands out for me is the pleasure I enjoy as I let myself Bathe in my Belonging – a pleasure that I experience as deeper than the happinesses and sadnessess of my everyday life. I invite you to breathe with me (inhaling through the heart and exhaling down, inhaling through the heart and exhaling up and around), and enjoy this recording – not of ´the right way´ to do the first part of the practice of Conscious Relating, but of the way I enter it, and celebrate it.

Download 7Z • 21.36MB

(Don't forget that this is a zip file, so you have to download it and then unzip it to listen to it.)

Mark the Mystic Activist, Aragon, Spain, Spring 2024 * The practice of Conscous Relating is explained in detail in “Love & Revoution” - available for free download on the homepage: And there are various support materials for practicing Conscious Relating on the resources page:

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