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Time Is A Cheese Sandwich

Updated: 6 days ago

I am the cheese in a cheese sandwich,

in a sandwich shop. Sandwiched I am, in the tempting yet macabre house of time.

One day I will be eaten, digested - and gone.

And there will be another cheese in another cheese sandwich here on this shelf where I lie so neatly now between two sheets of buttered white bread -

another sandwich, so similar that: who will remember me?

Even if I do something somehow extraordinary,

like jump about until my sandwich becomes a jumping sandwich,

or sing until my sandwich become a singing sandwich -

or do something unimaginably dark,

darker than the darkest rye - so that my sandwich becomes the sandwich upon which someone chokes and dies -

still, my extraordinary actions might be remembered,

or my dark ones, but I myself, and all I have seen and felt...

it will be as if I never was -

even though lying here now between these buttered sheets on this sandwich shop shelf everything seems so real... One day, in fact probably today (because this is a popular little sandwich shop), everything will be just as it once was, before I was born -

when there was no me yet.

There was once a time when I wasn´t.

And there will soon be a time when, once again, I will not be.

Yet for the time being, here I am, in the middle -

the cheese in an existential sandwich, like a burger in the buns of time.

Still, I am not bitter. I am soft and sweet, like camembert or brie - and grateful. I feel grateful to be existing at all. It feels so unlikely. Existence feels unlikely! It feels miraculous. Once I wasn´t, and soon I won´t be - yet here I am!

It´s a miracle I exist at all!

Mark the Mystic Activist, Catalunya, Spring 2023

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