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Sing Like Everything is Listening!

Updated: 6 days ago


I “Sing like no one is listening!” I hear people say - intending to be encouraging. And I get it. I get it. Of course I do: “don´t anticipate or project disapproval - and then be inhibited by that anticiation or projection”. I understand. And, yes. But No. No!

II Sing to the One Heart that can hear as undemandingly and generously as you can sing. There are others, elsewhere, like you, you know - who are also feeling free. Sing into The One Heart that is singing The One Song - The Uni-Verse!

And it´s not only people who are listening... Even flies have ears!

If they didn´t why would they bother to buzz? In fact, even the shyest astrophysicist knows: every atom hears every other atom hum.

Sing because the trees are listening, and the flowers and the sky! Sing because Everything is Listening,

and feels you,

and can´t get enough of you! Sing because the wind and mountains and rivers are overjoyed by your freedom!

Sing because even the animals who are sleeping and dreaming hear your song, and smile,

and breathe along!


Come on - let´s sing together - you and me, and anyone who will... Let´s feel the rythmn of the days and nights, and the rythmn of the seasons - and sing: not into the Void, but into the Fullness of Everything. Not in avoidance of disapproval - but recklessly, shamelessly, full-on into life´s latent, loving approval. 

Mark the Mystic Activist, Spring, 2024, Aragon, Spain

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