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How to Know God? Easy!

How to know God? Easy! God is making love to you through the moment - as the moment. God is in the moment. God IS the moment.

The moment is His body. The moment is His breath. The moment is His desire. “Yes, but... Yes, but... What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? What is my purpose? I feel so cut-off! I feel so alone!”

Oh, for goodness sake - stop your spiritual moaning! Feel the moment, then feel the moment again - and again, and again, and again -

go deeper, deeper, deeper - until you know you´re loved! Let yourself be held by the moment. Let yourself be touched

by the moment. Open. Let the moment

pass through you. Let the moment

penetrate you. Become the Goddess.

Say “yes!”


Mark the Mystic Activist

Aragon, Spain

February 2024

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