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Why are images of Cyborgs made to look so sexy? Why the sleek metalic lines, the magnetic, mate-seeking bums... the hints of a power that could pin you down and pump you like a piston? Why the innocent, upgraded eyeballs, so sweet, so surrendered -

devoid of oudated programmes like the-need-of-heart, or judgement, or shame? We have been insidiously implanted. Our minds have been raped without our knowing. I don´t care if you say it was the Rothschilds, the World Ecomomic Forum, Malevolent Aliens, or just the Zeitgeist – the collective human unconsious, the spirit of our times: our imaginations have been impreganted with the lie of superhumanism. Sex sells. And we have bought it: transhumanism sexified: “superhumanism”. Whether by digital, or techno, or chemical modification - yes, now we can all be superhumans... Super me and super you....

And have you seen Maria with her new, full-body, plastic skin that never wrinkles, and Jimminy Jones with his microchipped mind that can calculate like a calculator? And what about Johnathan Johnson with his fabulous new breasts

that can take not only cow milk cartridges, but oatmilk and coconut and soy? And then there´s me, of course, with my shiny new cock... I bought the ´pro´ model -

it has so many settings -

from simply limp, to sausagey, to super-hard. And you, my darling – you who have gone beyond plastic:

your metal curves are so streamlined and slick. My god you´re so perfect! And last night, wow – well, as you know, if you want, you can set my new cock to ´hard forever´. We are superhumans now. Supersexy superhumans... Soon we will all be eternal! A memory chip that can store the akashic records, prosthetic super-ears with multitrack editing suites, modified self-curling hair, self-trimming nails, and of course, shit that smells just heavenly... We´re getting there! Soon, just like superman – we will self-ejaculate,

with no need for a rocket -

into the infinity of the stars! II Yes, of course I didn´t really replace my penis with a machine with a ´hard forever´ setting... Yes, of course I am laughing-out my anger... I don´t care how sexy the adverts. You can fuck off out of my mind!

I don´t buy your cyborgs-are-sexy campaign.

I see through your adverts for a superhumanity. I can see what´s inside the super-packaging - and it´s not beauty or gratitude or love. It´s not friendship, and kindness, and appreciation of the sacred mystery of the fact that we exist. It´s the standardisation of emotion. It´s the mechanisation of behaviour. It´s the digitalisation of thought. And that´s not sexy at all! I don´t need x-ray eyes to see through your superhumanism. And I hate, I hate, I hate the way you´re aimed at our chldren -

so easily seduced

by your brilliant, hypnotic, special-effects-laden, fast-paced tales of brave and beautiful superheroes... What child wouldn´t want to be one? Fuck you, Marvel! And fuck you, DC comics! You are the salesforce for the superheroes category of superhumanism. You are the presenters, the packagers, the deliverers of transhumanism to our children. You, you, but, yes, not only you - you and a million others - more-and-less knowingly -

are wrapping up the horror of a digital, techno, chemically-modified human dystopia in thrills, and scintillating sexiness. Whether more or less knowingly, you are selling the death of the heart -

wrapped up in super-cool, futuristic, transhuman, post-human, chemically-and-mechanically-modified cyborg sexiness.

Mark The Mystic Activist, Catalunya, Summer 2023

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