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You Don´t Know, You Say.

Updated: 6 days ago

- I -

"I don´t know", you say - referring to an issue that has arisen in your perhaps-significant, perhaps-insignificant life - to a relationship decision, perhaps, or at a crossroads in your career, perhaps... "I don´t know", you say - referring, not to a life issue, but to Life Itself. Either way, as you say - you don´t know. So what to do?

- II -

You can ask the Tarot cards. But in the end, you will have to interpret the spread. You can go to a Tarot card reader, or a medium, or a channeler, or some other sincere or insincere deliverer of messages from beyond the edges of our everyday perception - but in the end you will have to decide how you understand what they tell you, and whether and how you apply it or not. You can pray to The Lord, or The Goddess, or to Universal Truth - you can meditate and wait for intuitions and inspirations whispered by your Higher Self... But in the end, once again -

you will have to decide whether you agree with what you´ve heard,

and whether you act on it or not. Try as you may

to avoid the fact that you do not know - project as you may Absolute Knowing on tea leaves or gurus or scriptures or whispers - you - you who do not know -

cannot escape yourself... And therefore:

you cannot escape your not knowing.

- III -

Whichever way you go, you always end up back at yourself. Give up your repetitive, circular, contradictory, impossible quest. Here, together - we are all alone. Let me help you remember: we all have to decide for ourselves. However many Tarot cards you read, however many darshans you sit in, however intently you listen to the silent voice of God - you will still be you - reading, sitting, listening... You will still be you -

you who do not know.

- IV -

Here is a suggestion: stop and turn and face your not knowing. Open to being OK with it. In fact - feel what it feels like to not know. Enter the mystery of not knowing. Here is a bizarre possibility: that it might actually, unexpectedly, be amazingly lovely to let yourself fall into the arms of not knowing.

Mark the Mystic Activist Catalunya, Spring 2023

The sacred unity of the Conscious Tribe

is based on the openness, honesty and humility

that recognise our not knowing.

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