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CONSCIOUS TRIBES Seeds of a Conscious Culture

Conscious Tribes are local groups of 10, 20, 30 people -

united spiritually/existentially, united psychologically/emotionally, and united creatively, in their action - in the co-creation of a conscious culture.

" Many of us share the vision of a decentralised, conscious, community culture embedded in nature. But how to make it real - without going to live in an eco-village, or an intentional community? Or another way to put this question might be "how do we weave ourselves together? How do we weave a new social fabric?"

The Conscious Tribes proposal is to form small, local tribes aligned with the culture we wish to co-create. And not just aligned at the practical, physical, creative level of permaculture, eco-construction, local food production, alternative economics, and so on. Above all, I believe we need to risk ´becoming family´, and loving each other, and risk being-loved by each other - and we need to learn to travel through The Great Mystery in deep intimacy with each other, while we´re in the process of co-creating our new culture. Why?

Because travelling in this way, our hearts stay gentle. And that´s the Vision we Share: the vision of a Gentle Hearted Culture. And because travelling in this way, we all become more authentically Ourselves. And because travelling in this way, we come to know Our Oneness. And because whatever culture we now co-create will be Made of Us.

So forming a Conscious Tribe isn´t like setting up a club, or forming an association. It´s about embarking upon a profound and intimate journey with others - the Journey, The Adventure of the Heart. Conscious Tribes are places of activism - of participation in the practical, real, physical co-creation of an alternative culture. And they are places of homecoming for the heart and soul - places that support us in living, in our everyday lives, in consciousness, humility, intensity, and love. Because then, as Gandhi said, We Are the Change."

From "Love and Revolution", Chapter 1.

The book "Love & Revolution - Creating Conscious Tribes" explains the Conscious Tribes Vision. It offers both practical recommendations for setting up your own Conscious Tribe, and also profound guidance for co-creating and maintaining an atmosphere of presentness and intimacy as a Tribe.

You can download "Love & Revolution" from the homepage for free.



You can access the resources, and find out about additional support, on the resources and support pages of this site. On the Telegram Channel you´ll also find a Notice Board for people who want to link up locally: *

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