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The Spiritual Is Political, The Political Is Spiritual

Updated: Sep 12

By ´spiritual´, I don´t mean nice, or moral, or clean, or above-it-all. Quite the contrary. By ´spiritual´ I mean daring to face The Great Mystery, the Great Unknown, in which we all find ourselves.

´Spiritual people´, in this sense, aren´t judgemental. They´re not stupid. They can evaluate. But they don´t pass judgement on others.

However, to not judge is not to be a spectator. As Krishna said to Arjuna on the Battlefield of Kuruksetra, just minutes after showing him the Infinte Sacred Spectacle of Reality - “now kill the bastards, Arjuna – fight!”

Perhaps before the Patiarchy there were eras of peace and plenty. Perhaps not. Perhaps this dimension we so flippantly call Life on Earth has always been, and will always be, a realm of duality and conflict. Perhaps the Yugas are turning and a New Age awaits. Whatever the case, here we are, we are in it, we are part of it: we are participants in the human drama – and whether spellbound by our egos or, like Arjuna, masters of the chariot of our personhood - we cannot NOT take part. To say nothing is a statement. To stay out of it - is an intervention. To not care is just another way of swimming through the emotional currents of our times.

In what direction is the human drama unfolding? The rule of A.I., Bio-Digital Technology, Genetic Modification, Transhumanism, The Internet of Bodies and Things, Smart Cities, CBDC´s, Social Credit Systems, Technocracy, Eugenics, in short - just as the Judeo-Christian Bible says “God created man in his own image” - humanity´s leadership-and-led, entranced by a vision of a Mechanical Universe, is now, at the outset of the twenty first century, seeking to create a techno-modified Mechanical Earth.

As someone who can step back from their own Ego Show, and rest in the Amoral Love beyond all egos – what do I feel about this? I feel – No! No! No! I feel this is genocidal Colonialism, this is the Catholic Inquistion, this is Mao Zedong´s Great Leap Forward – this is our twenty-first-century, state-of-the-art re-write of The Megalomaniac Tyrant´s Mad-God Fantasy of Total Cosmic Control.

There is a popular belief that those who know Amoral Love, or Universal Love, are always peaceful – balanced, eqanimous, gentle, soft and kind. Well, fuck that! That´s just nonsense. It´s as nonsensical as angels and harps on clouds, and devils and pots of boiling oil. Yes, I love the you beyond your ego, and yes I even admire the panache with which you play your parts: you – the leaders and the happy-to-be-led. But, I hate that you vaccinate babies; I hate your geoengineering; I hate your pesticides, and processed plastic medicines and foods, and smug industrial smiles; I hate the arrogance of the blatancy of your media manipulation; I hate your blathering and banal idealisation of the law; I hate your numbness and artificiality and correctness and moral vacuity; I hate your cynical, soldier-massacring, civilian-massacring, profiteering wars... I hate! I hate! I hate!

Just because some of us can sidestep our egos, and use them, and not be-used-by them - just because we know the peace and bliss of Our Oneness – doesn´t mean (a) that we can step out of the human drama, or (b) that our personalities are always set to neutral – as accepting of cruelty as of kindness, of viciousness as of generosity, and so on. Again – that´s just nonsense! If someone felt the same about their child being harshly beaten, or gently embraced – would that make them a saint? Please!

Yes, we get still get entangled in our egos. No, we don´t claim the title of ´enlightened´. We are still walking the path of our own extrication from vanity and self-obsession and illusion. But precisely because we are learning to access a deeper, truer, more expanded, more all-embracing Dimension of Being – the qualites of that dimension infuse us. And they act through us.

We are not loving because we once read about love in a holy book, and wove ourselves a loving ego. We are loving because behind ego we find – not what we want to be there, but what waits patiently there for us all: a non-romantic, non-sentimental, Universal Love.

The more we extricate ourselves from our own pretentiousness, the clearer we see ourselves – and the clearer we see everything: both The Great Mystery that shrouds everything in Blessing, and the hideous psychopathic madness of our world leaders, and the equally repulsive sychophatic compliance of the led.

The kindness we bring to ourselves, we bring to others. We forgive ourselves, and we forgive everyone. And we see with radiant clarity what isn´t kindness. We look upon our humanity, and the humanity of others, humanely. And we say “no!” to the inhumane.

We are all familiar with the phrases ´the personal is political´ and ´the political is personal´ that emerged from The Struggles of the Heart in the last century. On behalf of the Struggles of the Heart of the century ahead, I would like to add ´the spiritual is political´, and ´the political is spiritual´.


Adapted from the introduction to

´The Laughter of the Honest Liar – stories for the survival of the heart´,

a collection of short stories by Mark the Mystic Activist to be published this autumn.

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