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The Smiling Rain

Updated: May 24

It rained all night, and it´s still raining generously. Are the plants and trees grateful? Are they relieved,

after so much sun? Their leaves are shining - but are they really smiling - or is that an anthropo-emotional projection? Are they, in fact, equally happy to bloom and fruit,

or dry and die? What about those experiments by scientists with scissors who one day cut plants laden with electrodes - and the way, they say, the plants vibrated so acutely the next day - as if trying to flee their pots, when the scissor scientists returned? Still - vibration is not synonymous with emotion. Can plants and trees touch, see, smell, taste and hear? If they can´t - how is it they grow coloured flowers, and scented flowers - and fruits with flavours? Do they have sixth, seventh and eighth senses we cannot imagine? Sitting on this rock,

the rain splashing on my face, feeling at home, loving the flooding - I have no idea...

I look out proudly. The plants and trees seem radiant. I sense them with a sense I have no name for -

an unnameable sense, a carefree, evidence-free sense. I feel myself inside them all -

and my heart swells with them. I sense, or intuit, or imagine, or conclude, or believe

every one of them is in their own wet and delicious moment -

as I am in mine. Or is that an anthropo-spiritual projection? Who knows?! But for me, in my moment -

their happiness is almost deafening!

Do plants and trees have hearts - anatomically non-existent hearts? Who knows?! Does the rain have a heart? Is the rain smiling down upon us? My heart says Yes! Yes! Yes!

Mark the Mystic Activist Catalunya, Spring 2023

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