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In this audio I share my heart´s deepest seeing; the social vision - and the very intimate and personal vision - behind all of the courses, articles, etc that I create... I talk of becoming "brothers and sisters again". Please don´t take this as superficial or sentimental! I am talking about a fundamental and radical reorganisation of our personalities - "mass re-education". I am not talking naively. I am aware that if we want to co-create a true alternative to the destructiveness and self-destructiveness of modern society we will need to reform our approach to education - and that even then, our "mass re-education" will be a trans-generational endeavour. This audio links the Conscious Tribes Project with the private sessions and courses/workshops I offer on Conscious Relating. I hope you enjoy it - and would love to hear from you. With warmest well wishes as, here in Cataluña, we approach the Winter Solstice - Mark the Mystic Activist.

Conscious Tribes Vision.m4a
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