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I am Kind Mountain. There are lakes inside me, and pleasant meadows, and rivers, and forests and mushrooms. I am kind to everyone who lives on me, and in me. Whenever anyone dies - a tree, a ferret, a clump of grass, a worm - a part of me dies with them. I am a mountain.

I am immovable.

I am immovable in my kindness. I am Kind Mountain.

These words are the winds of my winter´s blessings for you... They are my solstice invitation to you... I invite you to gather at my fountains, and gather at my springs, and cuddle up with me - to bring good sleeping bags and pass the long winter nights with me, and make your heart´s home with me,

and sing me your favourite songs. I am Kind Mountain, and my blessings are yours, you know they are, they always are - and now, as I imagine feeling your body upon me again - I feel I receive your blessings in return. Come near, my beloveds, come closer - come to Kind Mountain tonight. Come to me, know I will love you, and know (for this will be the most magical of all!) you will be renewed in your knowing

that you are the love you seek. Come to me, come to me, my beloveds, and dance upon my grasses,

dance in my meadows and dance in my woods -

let me hear you sing your knowing

that you are the love you seek... Like you, like me, like we, like us all, you are the love we seek. I am love, and you are love - and we are the love we seek. Sing with me, my beloveds, sing through the branches on my trees, sing through the crystals in my core,

make your singing like the softest breath upon a beloved´s cheek -

be immovable.

Mark the Mystic Activist, Catalunya, The Solstice of Union, 2022.

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