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“It´s not just about self-sufficiency and returning to the land!”

1. Society & Communication

What defines a society? How its people communicate. Why? Because a society is a system of communication.

Different societies have different overarching values, and different, complex codes of interaction that define their particular system of communication – but they are all systems of communication.

Therefore: how we now communicate - the quality of our communication - as we attempt to birth new societies across the globe – societies that are aware, connected, local-community-based and nature-embedded - will define the societies we co-create.

2. Communication & Self Knowledge

However, fully honest, authentic, vulnerable, courageous, felt, conscious communication is only possible when we know ourselves beyond our personalities. Call it knowing one´s self, or essence, or life force, or spirit, or familiarity with a neurological epiphenomenon called ´consciousness´ - call it whatever we like – but only the felt-knowledge of ourselves as somehow-larger than our individuality, our ´avatars´, our uniqueness – only this knowedge enables us to let ourselves be seen – to be seen in our guilt, in our rage, even in that of which we are most ashamed. We can communicate the truths of our personality openly - precisely because we know we´re not only it.

Therefore (if we want to co-create our own, conscious, caring, local societies): the way we relate to each other, the system of communication we co-evolve, must include self knowledge beyond our individual personalities.

3. Therefore Tribe

However (again!), most of us, most of the time, do not tend to communicate in such self-awareness and openness. It´s something we need to practice. We need to self-educate. But, obviously, we can´t self-educate alone - we can´t learn to communcate by ourselves! We need each other. We need others who also want to learn to communicate beautifully, gracefully, passionately, openly... How could we practice with people who weren´t interested?!

And so the tribe is born. It is born with a united intention: to not only co-create a new society, but to attend to the quality of its own relating, it´s own system of communcation. Everyone has understood ´the means IS the end´. Everyone has understood that their communcation IS the society they are shaping (for themselves and their descendents).

4. The Crucial Agreement

There are many techniques for learning to relate consciously and intimately and authentically - that a tribe could choose from. (I recommend the technique I have developed!) But there is one underlying apparent-truth they all acknowledge: that all anyone ever has, in any given moment, is their own, limited, subjective, unique, direct experience of that moment.

It is important that everyone in the nascent tribe agrees on this. Why? Because then no one makes any pretence to knowing “The Truth”, or even what´s ´right´ and what´s ´wrong´ - and we all see each other as equals. (Together, here, in the same existential boat!)

This agreement will not only support whatever shared path of self-education in conscious communication the tribe chooses, it will sustain the unity of the tribe. And the unity of the life-loving society the tribe comes to co-create.

5. Endnotes

So my argument is:

1. Societies are primarily Systems of Communication.

2. Conscious Communication requires Self Knowledge.

3. If we want to co-create Conscious Societies (Communities) we have to Self Educate. And in order to Self Educate we need each other (Tribe).

4. The longterm Unity of the Tribe is sustained by the Shared Recognition of our Subjectivity.

As I said above, “it´s not just about self-sufficiency and returning to the land!” Most of our ancestors lived a more self-sufficient, rural lifestyle - and that didn´t prevent them from being sucked into misogyny, racism, cruel persecutions of all sorts, and hate-filled, ideological invasions, battles and massacres.

Finally – in case “only ever speaking from one´s own, unique, direct experience” sounds restrictive - I would like to add that I find that the more I actually LIVE feeling my own, limited, subjective, unique, direct experience of the moment, the more I feel the mystery of the moment – the miracle of the moment! For me, staying in, and communicating from, my own, limited, subjective, unique, direct experience of the moment has become a path – a path of unveiling, a path of homecoming.

And finally, finally - you might agree or disagree with my argument here – I´m OK with that. I am open. I am happy to hear your opinions. I am happy for my own opinions to evolve. What is important to me, above all, is that we consider how we want to take part in The Big Picture of our collective evolution - very carefully, and very heartfully.

Because we are, already, all of us, whether we like it or not, in action and in inaction, already taking part.

Mark the Mystic Activist, Catalunya, Samhain 2023.

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Unknown member
Nov 18, 2023

What you spoke about having a direct unique experience might be well summed up as "the small pleasures of being or living in the moment matter most." All of us grow and change perceptions over time or we would not be learning beings. Having and developing a conviction of personal purpose while creating and sustaining collective tribal ideas that empower and build up are vital to a sustainable community on any level. Community is about respecting and being open to others.

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