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“For is it not truly curious” Alice asked The Mad Hatter,

“that we know not how we come to be here; nor where we will go next (nor even if there is a ´next´)? Is it not truly curious that we know not where this is –

this infinity of stars?

Is it not truly curious that we know not when this really is –

whatever the calendars and clocks might say?

And perhaps most curiously of all – is it not exceedingly odd that we know not

what we´re supposed to do (or if, indeed, we´re supposed to do anything at all)?”

“The Creatures of this Wonderland are all mad!” The Hatter replied, “entranced by their own make-believe...

But curiosity dies inside the entranced.

And curiosoity lives in those who know they do not know”

“A Toast to Curiosity!” declared Dormouse, unexpectedly - raising his tea cup.

And all raised their tea cups.

And The Mad Hatter intoned:

“Curiosity is The Spark.

Curiosity is Evolution. Curiosity is The Call of Life to Itself - The Call of the Soul,

The Voice of Intuition,

The Whisper of Angels.

Curiosity Inspires all Creativity.

Curiosity is The Path of Enlightenment.

Curiosity is Freedom in Motion.

Let us be curious, therefore, my honoured guests -

curious ´til the end -

for anything less is death!”

And they all drank tea merrily.

Mark the Mystic Activist,


Winter 2023.

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