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A Poem for Liars

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

I am The Unknowable.

You are The Unknowable. The Unknowable that can be described is not The Unknowable. And so we lie. Only the honest can admit this.


The honest stay up all night, sometimes -

and laugh at themselves, and laugh at each other - and their laughter is as pure as wild animals. I go to these laughter parties when I can, because I am a committed liar. I do a convinced impression of a wise man - which has everyone laughing until it hurts so much they beg me to stop.


At one such all-night laughter party

I heard this story: Once upon a time there was a queue of Demigods outside the timeless, placeless gates of Great Mystery. Each sought the blessing of Great Mystery to descend upon the Earth. “Let ME go, let ME go!” the gorgeous and resplendent Demigod of The Unknown pleaded. “No, no, no!” Great Mystery replied, categorically “that would be the end!” “Then let ME go!” the dazzling and radiant Demigod of Lies requested, charmingly.

Great Mystery was about to deny the request of the Demigod of Lies, just as it had denied the request of the Demigod of The Unknown, when it felt a lightning-like sexual tension crackle between them - and therefore, instead, declared: “You shall go together, and play together - and the people of the Earth who love only one of you, (whichever one of you),

will suffer your dance - but the people of the Earth who love you both will delight in your dance - and their laughter shall be as pure as wild animals!””


Let us not get sucked-in by the violence and trauma and abuse perpetrated by liars who won´t admit they´re lying.

Let us not burn-up with rage, nor become downhearted. The task is upon the generations, not upon you or me.

Though it might take a million years, the task upon us is clear... It is this: to create an honest Earth.

Mark The Mystic Activist Catalunya, Summer ´23 Image by Igor Morski

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