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Private Sessions to Learn to Live
As the Conscious and Creative Being You Already Are -
at Home, at Work - wherever you are...


Mark the Mystic Activist


To become enlightened, or self-realised- to recognise our indefinable essence - is the goal of all paths that are not based on blind faith. All these paths propose a questioning of our ideas about ourselves, and the world in which we find ourselves - and the dis-covery of a universal consciousness within us all.

Basing ourselves on the understanding that everything is interwoven - that"everything in this world is relating to everything else" - in these sessions I will use the practice of Conscious Relating* as a mode or technique of self-awareness, healing, and enlightenment. It is like a meditation, but it is not a solitary meditation - it is a shared meditation. Nor is it a meditation to reach a distant divinity, it is a meditation to open ourselves to the divinity that already surrounds us - to which we already belong. And the practice/meditation is not completely silent - we talk, we share, we reveal ourselves...

The practice of Conscious Relating has its roots in meditation and contemplation, transpersonal psychotherapy, ancient tantra (not sexualised neo-tantra), and universal teachings regarding our Oneness.
It is a powerful and beautiful synthesis!


Our focuses when we do the practice of Conscious Relating together, during the sessions, will be: 

🍂  The Beauty, Peace and Joy of Belonging.

This means feeling yourself to be part of everything again - it´s finding your existential orientation. It´s finding your 'centre', or individuating - and at the same time knowing our Oneness.

🍂  The Authenticity, Courage and Humility of Subjectivity.

Understanding that we only have our own unique experience of the moment, of the Great Mystery - we practice self-observation and knowledge, self-tenderness and love. This allows us to stay connected with the power of feeling our own, unique, present-time experience.

🍂  Intimacy, Eroticism and the Union of Equality

Feeling both our Belonging and our Subjectivity, we open ourselves to another physical presence, another heart, another journey, another identity - and we accept the totality of the other - and we recognise that, deep down, we are made of the same stuff.

And we let ourselves be seen... You let me see you, and I let you see me. We let the other perceive our physical presence, our heart, our journey, our identity - and we let ourselves be accepted, in the totality of who we are. We feel, not the social idea of ​​equality, but the solidity of the mystery of our equality.

If each one, on their own, continues to feel their Belonging and their Subjectivity - and at the same time, can remain open and vulnerable in front of the other - the atmosphere becomes magical, a sacred place where everything is alive, where there is no time. The two consciousnesses activate each other. They activate an energy field of consciousness and love.


🍂 Creativity
As the effects of the practice of Conscious Relating become integrated into your daily life - there will be consequences. You will see yourself making new choices, perhaps starting new projects, treating yourself with more respect and tenderness, and of course - relating to others with more awareness and love.

All these consequences I call 'the creative effects' of the practice of Conscious Relating. And I will support you with this integration.

One possible consequence is that a Conscious Tribe will form around you. It´s possible that, while you were doing the sessions with me, you also did the practice of Conscious Relating with a friend, then with another - and that everyone loved it. Of course they loved it! They would not have imagined they had the capacity for such presence, or that their return to themselves would be so easy - or love so accessible! And now they want to meet regularly, and practice Conscious Relating together, and see what creativity emerges... If this is what has happened, I can guide you, if you want, in the formation of your Tribe.


🍂 I, Mark, was a Hindu monk for ten years, a psychotherapist specialising in gender and group work for twenty years, and am now a farmer living off grid in Catalonia. I direct the"Conscious Tribes" project, and am the author of  The Soul Tribes Booklet. I am here to accompany you and, without a doubt, learn from our shared 'journey'.

If you are interested in Conscious Relating Sessions, and the path they propose:

🍂 1. We can do an Initial Session - to get to know each other, and for you to have a first experience of the practice of Conscious Relating. If you want to, and are able to, you are welcome to come to Catalonia where I live, and the session can be in person. Otherwise it will be online (a video conference). It will last approximately an hour. I ask for "a voluntary contribution" - in other words, you give what you can. I won´t exclude anyone for economic reasons.

If you would like to book an Initial Session get in touch - and in your message please give me a sense of what makes you feel like you´d like to have the session. Thanks.

🍂 2. If after the Initial Session you feel like you want to continue meeting, we´ll agree to meet for some more sessions. I¨ll again ask for a voluntary contribution. And after these ssessions (which are usually weekly) we´ll decide whether to renew, alter something, or end.

🍂 Please feel free to write to me with any questions.

* I describe the practice of Conscious Relating in my article "Love and Revolution". You can read it on the blog on this site. It is also available for free download from the Telegram channel (in .pdf format).

🍂 🍂🍂


🍂 🍂🍂

An intimate (max 12 people), committed, affordable (you give what you can),
online course of five weekly meetings, starting in
February 2023,

with Mark The Mystic Activist



"We could establish alternative local economies, holistic health and education systems, and learn to live more naturally. We could, eventually, establish self-sufficient, sovereign local communities. BUT, if we don't relate consciously, all we´ll have done is reorganized ourselves. We would not have become the seed of a truly different society We would have established better organized local communities - more ecologically organized, perhaps - but we would not have prepared the ground, or the energy field, for our grandchildren and their grandchildren to inherit

a radically new culture of awareness, loving respect and beauty.


Does this mean that we have to abandon our resistance to the advance of Technocracy and Transhumanism? Of course not! Does this mean that we have to succumb to the dehumanization of humanity? No! Does it mean that we have to forget about decentralization, local community resilience, or respect for the other species (or 'nations') with whom we share this planet? Of course not! But it means that - simultaneously, and perhaps more importantly - we need to form Tribes of people who are educating themselves in the beauty and joy of conscious, deep and intimate relationships."



🍂  This five-week online course will explore - not intellectually, but through direct experience - how to relate with power, vulnerability, intimacy and presence. During the course, whatever topic we´re discussing, or whatever we´re sharing, our deeper focus will always be on HOW we relate to each other WHILE we are discussing and sharing.


This course is for people who are inspired by the vision of a more humane society - a society where there´s more connection with our local areas, more connection with nature and, above all, more authentic connection between us. It's for people who´d love to be part of such a community - a deep and beautiful community - right there, where they already live.


My point of view is that everything we create always reflects the consciousness in which we create it - and that therefore, if we want to co-create an alternative culture, a conscious society, then we have to explore conscious relating.


I believe and feel with all my heart that the quality of the awareness of our collaboration will determine the quality of the awareness of the new, alternative culture that we are now co-creating - for ourselves, for our children, and for the generations to come...


"We are constantly relating -

with ourselves, with others, with our surroundings, with the moment...

So what could be more important than the quality of how we relate?"



🍂 Facilitation: I call myself - as a joke, but seriously too - Mark the Mystic Activist. I will facilitate the course. I was a Hindu monk for ten years, and a psychotherapist specialised in gender and group work for over twenty years. Now I´m a homesteadera farmer, living off grid in Catalonia. I am the founder of the Conscious Tribes project.


🍂 Every week there will be a video-conference of between 2 and 2½ hours.


🍂 Course Content:

Week 1: We start with a short meditation.

Circle: Everyone introduce themselves.

Practice: Conscious Relating (in pairs)

We close with gratitudes, etc.

Week 2: We start with a short meditation.

Practice: Conscious Relationships (in pairs)

Circle: We share our experiences of doing the practice

We close with gratitudes, etc.

Week 3: We start with a short meditation.

Practice: Conscious Relating (in pairs) in another format - one that supports the

integration of Conscious Relating into our daily life

Circle: We share our experiences of doing the practice

We close with gratitudes, etc.

Week 4: We start with a short meditation.

Practice: Conscious Relating (as a Tribe)

Circle: We share our experiences of doing the practice

We close with gratitudes, etc.

Week 5: We start with a short meditation.

Practice: Conscious Relating (as a Tribe) in the second format that supports the integration of

Conscious Relating into our everyday lives.

Circle: We share our experiences of doing the practice

We close with gratitudes, etc.


🍂 Maximum number of participants: 12


🍂 Time: The video-conferences will be on consecutive Thursday evenings at 20:00 CET (Spanish Time, Central European Time)


🍂 Dates: Starting Thursday February 23rd, 2023. In other words: February 23rd, and the 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd of March.


🍂 Practices: We will do the Conscious Relating Practice every Thursday during the video conferences. Also, each week you will be asked to meet with a different person in the group - to do the practice together online. And if you find the experience enriching - I´d encourage you to invite people you know - a partner, children, parents, friends - to do the practice with you. That way, perhaps, you´ll start to form your own local Tribe! (I will provide you with an audio that guides the practice, to support you.)


🍂 Telegram: We´ll create a Telegram group especially for the people on the course. You´ll be invited to share your practice experiences with the group - your doubts, your inspirations... I will fully participate in this group - giving personalized attention to everyone throughout the course.

🍂 Course requirements.

1. I ask that you read (or listen to) the two articles "Conscious Relationships, Conscious Partnerships" and "Love & Revolution" - to ensure that the vision of Conscious Tribes resonates with you.

(Free download:

2. I ask that you commit to attend the five video-conferences, to do the practice between conferences, and to share your experiences of the practice in the Telegram group.


🍂 Voluntary Contribution. The course is priceless! You give what you can, or what seems right to you. And thank you for your contribution - it allows me to further develop the Conscious Tribes Project. I accept British pounds, Euros, and Junas (the Free Currency G1). No one will be excluded for economic reasons.


🍂 After the course , if you want to, you can join the private Telegram group for people who have completed a course, or come to know the practice of Conscious Relating in some other way. There you can meet new people with whom to do the practice, and continue deepening in it. Every six weeks I facilitate a (free) meeting for this group.


🍂 If you want to Reserve Your Place in this course, contact me - and I will send you the registration information.

🍂 Questions: of course, you can contact me with any questions...


🍂 🍂 🍂

🍂 We´ll be spending a Weekend Together in Catalonia from March 24 to 26.

Get in touch if you´re interested.

I´ll sharing the details in early February.


🍂 If you are already a group of people living in the same area, we can come to your locality
and offer a Weekend Together especially for you. The advantage of spending a Weekend Together where you live is that - since everyone lives in the same area - by the end of the weekend you´ll already be a local Tribe!


​🍂 The content of these Weekends Together is the same as the content of the online courses (above) - but instead of being five weekly online meetings, we shared it in five sessions over one weekend, like this:

Session 1: Friday 6pm - 9pm

Sessions 2 & 3: Saturday 11am - 2pm and 4pm - 7pm

Sessions 4 & 5: Sunday 11am - 2pm and 4pm - 7pm


🍂 There is no fixed cost - I ask for a Voluntary Contribution. You give what you can. You can contribute in British Pounds, Euros, or Junas (the Free Currency G1).


🍂 Get in touch if you´re interested!

"We are part of an interwoven universe.
Everything is relating to everything.
So what could be more important than conscious relating?!"



(Talk + Discussion)


With Mark the Mystic Activist


🍂 The theme of the February talk will be


What consciousness is imbued with modern politics?

And how does it affect us?






🍂 This will be a chance to meet and connect with Mark, and with other people interested in co-creating Conscious Tribes.


Mark will start with a short guided meditation. Then there will be the talk, followed by a discussion.


🍂 Your are super-welcome!


🍂 TUESDAY 28th FEBRUARY 2023 at 8:00 p.m. T.C.E. (Central European Time)


🍂 It's very easy to participate. To join you just have to click this link:
(There is nothing to install)


🍂 Any questions - just get in touch


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Interested in ´travelling´ together?

Get in touch...


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