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About Me

I was born in London, about seventy years ago! I have been a hippie, a monk, an author, a psychotherapist, and a homesteader. Today I live off-grid, not far from Barcelona, and am absolutely serious when I jokingly call myself  Mark The Mystic Activist. What makes me authentic is that I am living everything I am writing/teaching/facilitating/sharing. For me, this is not an intellectual exercise - it is my deepest heart´s seeing, and the path to which my own life is completely committed. 

Here´s my bio as it appears in "Love and Revolution - Creating Conscious Tribes" - outlining my life-long exploration of community: 

"I was born into a non-religious Jewish environment. There was Tribe, there was community. But I couldn´t accept the authority or the beliefs, which seemed too rigid. I came to feel I had to leave this first experience of belonging to a Tribe, to a community - my first, cosy, childhood experience of belonging - and at 17 I left...


Then from 24 to 34, I spent ten years as a Hindu monk - and had an even deeper and more intense experience of the unity and closeness that being part of a Tribe can bring. But at the same time, it was also a deeper and more intense experience of rigid authority and hierarchy, and of unquestionable beliefs - so that, finally, I felt I had to leave that community too.


I wrote a book `Sex, Spirit & Community´ in the late 1990s - trying to clarify what kind of Tribe I was looking for. And in my forties and fifties I co-founded and co-directed a project that promoted community based on a collective understanding of gender. We formed self-knowledge, growth and personal development groups for men, women and couples (not just heterosexual). At first it was wonderful, but little by little, I came to feel that this collective approach to gender was provoking too much anger in the women, and too much guilt in the men - and although I´d co-founded the project, I felt that, once again, my search wasn´t going to end there...

And so - at almost 70 - after a lifetime of exploring how community is woven - I started the Conscious Tribes Project - still convinced, in fact more convinced than ever, of the beauty and importance, for almost all of us, of having our Tribe - and trying to unite everything I´d learned...

The Conscious Tribes Project is, I believe, the mature fruit of my lifetime´s enquiry into community. My writing gives it context and depth - and some humour, so that it doesn´t all become too tight! And the private sessions and courses/workshops I offer are to help people put their lives on the line - and BECOME the stuff out of which a new culture could be made!  

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